Webinar - Budgeting for Road Maintenance Activities - 08/23/17

This webinar will help you understand how to budget for your road maintenance activities and learn the basics of how a road asset management system can help prepare better budgets.

Webinar - Cutting Costs through Multi-Municipal Stormwater Management - 08/09/17

This presentation provides insight for how municipal personnel can implement strategies to yield cost savings that benefit their municipality's bottom line.

Webinar - Emergency Operations Plans: Is Your Township's Up-to-Date? - 08/02/17

This webinar will address how to review your EOP, determine if it is current, and how to resolve any deficiencies that were identified during the review.

Webinar - First Amendment: Twp. Employees, Residents and Freedom of Speech-08/30/17

This webinar, (which is FREE to PSATS members), will provide participants with a firm foundation for how to protect their rights, as well as those of the public and their employees, while also leaving them with practical tips to limit legal exposure to their municipality.

Webinar - It's Almost Budget Season . . . Are You Prepared? - 08/16/17

A budget is more than a spreadsheet… it’s the story of your community.  Does your Township’s budget tell a story, or is it just a bunch of numbers?  Learn how to create a budget that both provides great information and is easily understood by your residents. 

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