Navigating the Ethics Act Minefield - 09/27/17 - Butler County

This class will provide municipal officials and employees with a better understanding of their many obligations under the state's Public Official and Employee Ethics Act. 

PSATS SEO Precertification Academy - November 2017

The PSATS SEO Precertification Academy is divided into two parts, the Orientation course and the Academy course. The Orientation course is completed through self-study before attending the Academy course. The four and a half-day Academy course is a specially created, interactive program that teaches the duties and responsibilities of a local agency SEO.

SEO #343 Advantex Wastewater Treatment System 2016-2018This training course describes the AdvanTex Treatment System and its status as a listed alternate technology in the State of Pennsylvania. This course covers several topics, including the technology behind AdvanTex Treatment Systems and an explanation of the classification listing for AdvanTex in the State of Pennsylvania.

SEO #344 Eljen GSF System 2016-2018This training course describes the Eljen GSF System and its status as a listed alternate technology in the State of Pennsylvania. This course covers several topics, including onsite testing, the role of the system component, design, absorption area configurations, installation and maintenance requirements.

SEO #901 Google Earth On-demand WebinarDuring this 1.5 hour webinar, attendees will be introduced to Google Earth, a solid source for regional and worldwide maps and satellite images. These affordable services can be powerful communication tools for township supervisors, staff (sewage enforcement officers), and planning commissions. The instructor will demonstrate how to use Google Earth to assist with mapping.

SEO #902 Ethics On-demand WebinarThe State Ethics Act was enacted to strengthen the faith and confidence of state and local citizens in their government, and to ensure that the financial interests of holders, nominees and/or candidates for public offices do not conflict with the public trust. It is important to always keep in mind that public office is a public trust, and that any effort to realize personal financial gain through your public office, other than compensation provided by law, is a violation of that trust.

SEO #903 Onlot Sewage System Operation and Maintenance 2016-2018Explain why an SEO would perform an operation and maintenance (O&M) inspection. • Explain when O&M inspections are required. • Discuss etiquette • Explain the basics of lab samples • Describe the minimum equipment needed to complete an O&M inspection. • Review safety and liability issues • Review O&M inspections

SEO #904 Onlot Management: An Opportunity to Engage and Educate On-Demand Webinar 2016-2018By attending the webinar, you will be able to: •Organize records •Develope and implemente an inspection ordinance •Educate the public •Write a letter to a property owner •Explain an inspection •Educate an individual on the benefits of an onlot management program

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