#343 Advantex Wastewater Treatment System

This training course describes the AdvanTex Treatment System and its status as a listed alternate technology in the State of Pennsylvania. This course covers several topics, including the technology behind AdvanTex Treatment Systems and an explanation of the classification listing for AdvanTex in the State of Pennsylvania.

#344 Eljen GSF System

This training course describes the Eljen GSF System and its status as a listed alternate technology in the State of Pennsylvania. This course covers several topics, including onsite testing, the role of the system component, design, absorption area configurations, installation and maintenance requirements.

#901 Google Earth On-demand Webinar

During this 1.5 hour webinar, attendees will be introduced to Google Earth, a solid source for regional and worldwide maps and satellite images. These affordable services can be powerful communication tools for township supervisors, staff (sewage enforcement officers), and planning commissions.

#902 Ethics On-demand Webinar

The State Ethics Act was enacted to strengthen the faith and confidence of state and local citizens in their government, and to ensure that the financial interests of holders, nominees and/or candidates for public offices do not conflict with the public trust. It is important to always keep in mind that public office is a public trust, and that any effort to realize personal financial gain through your public office, other than compensation provided by law, is a violation of that trust. As a currently

#903 Onlot Sewage System Operations and Maintenance

Explain why an SEO would perform an operation and maintenance (O&M) inspection. • Explain when O&M inspections are required. • Discuss etiquette • Explain the basics of lab samples • Describe the minimum equipment needed to complete an O&M inspection. • Review safety and liability issues • Review O&M inspections for the following: o Tanks o Filter and Filter Tanks o Distribution o Absorption Areas

#904 Onlot Management: An Opportunity to Engage and Educate On-Demand Webinar

By attending the webinar, you will be able to: •Organize records •Develope and implemente an inspection ordinance •Educate the public •Write a letter to a property owner •Explain an inspection •Educate an individual on the benefits of an onlot management program

Act 13 Reporting Instructions for Local Government - On-Demand webinar

During this webinar, Amy Zuvich of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) will demonstrate how to file Act 13-related reports through the Act 13 Reporting website. Additionally, Ms. Zuvich will show participants where to locate blank copies of the forms should they wish to continue filing paper copies. She will also address a number of other issues commonly faced by townships making Act 13-related filings, including due dates and reporting years, and will answer other ques

Best Practices: Parks and Recreation Operations - On-Demand Webinar

Parks and recreation facilities require constant attention to keep them safe and enjoyable. With constraints on time and funds, it is imperative that your township have an effecting maintenance and operations program. This webinar will review a number of items that will prove useful in developing a plan of action for keeping your parks and recreation facilities at their best.

Creating Safe Meeting Space for Public and Private Use - On-Demand Webinar

Having safe municipal meeting spaces, be it for board meetings, parks and recreational areas, or even to facilitate Craiglists or Facebook Marketplace transactions, helps to encourage a more neighborly community. This webinar will discuss key principles on how to create a great (and safe) public meeting spaces.

Crisis Management: Communication and Planning - On-Demand webinar

Today's communications require agility and attentiveness to the needs of the public and your community partners and employees. For municipalities, understanding how to leverage effective communications across their websites and other owned content, social networks and through effective media relations requires planning and foresight. Mandy Arnold, CEO of Gavin, a public relations and crisis communications firm, will review best practices and top tips for planning for an issue or crisis si

Developing Walkable Neighborhoods - On-Demand Webinar

Many communities are working to improve access for pedestrians and bicyclists to meet the needs of younger families. This webinar will discuss how to modify both your comprehensive plan and subdivision and land use development ordinance (SALDO) to increase opportunities for safe walking and biking by your residents.

Do You Need Help Attracting the Right Development - On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, experienced architects from Kimmel Bogrette Architecture + Site will discuss strategies for ways in which municipal officials and administrators can identify uses for municipal assets (land and buildings) and strategies for attracting the right kind of development within their communities.

Effective Drainage for Dirt and Gravel Roads-On-Demand

This webinar will discuss the general concepts of how to effectively drain dirt and gravel roads so that the road itself is not structurally damaged using a variety of techniques such as proper crown and cross-slope, such as grade breaks, berm removal, and broad-based dips. If you have dirt and gravel roads, you will want to attend this webinar.

Employee Performance Evaluation Strategies - On-Demand Webinar

Employees are the heart-beat of every business, whether it's a small township or a Fortune 5000 company. They all struggle with how to best evaluate employee performance, whether it's used to determine future pay increases or identifying those who should be promoted. This webinar will review several tips for developing your own effective employee performance review process.

Flagger Training - 07/25/17 - Montgomery County

This instructor-led Flagger Training will be conducted for individuals who have flagging responsibilities on ANY ROAD OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Others who would benefit from this course include: utility companies working on low volume roads, law enforcement personnel, municipal managers and elected officials (to understand the importance, and for budgeting purposes). This course has been designed to meet the PennDOT Publication 408 flagger training requirements mandated for all flaggers in Pennsylvania.

How E-procurement Can Save $$ - On-Demand webinar

For generations, pen and paper were the traditional means for communicating and conducting business transactions. In the span of roughly 20 years, email and other technologies have revolutionized communications, making these processes more time and cost effective. In similar fashion, e-procurement tools are quickly becoming the modern-day solution for streamlining the procurement and bid management process – saving townships valuable time and money. This interactive webinar will educate participa

On- Demand Webinar - COVID-19's Impact Upon Township Police Departments

This webinar, presented by Christopher Gerber and Andrew M. Rongaus of Siana Law, will offer township officials, police command staff, and township solicitors practical guidance on how to deal with issues that arise from the COVID-19 pandemic – with sample forms for immediate use.

On-Demand Webinar - Conditional Uses and Special Exceptions

It is sometimes very easy for municipal officials and employees to confuse conditional uses and special exceptions and the procedures for addressing both. In this webinar, Kurt Williams and Tyler Beaston of Salzmann Hughes will review what you can and cannot do, as well as what you should and should not do, when your township receives request for conditional uses and special exceptions.

PennDOT’s 2020 Virtual Municipal Road Maintenance and Safety Symposium PassDelivered to your office/shop from June through August 2020. If the scheduled time does not work for you, the recorded workshops will be available on-demand. $50 for the Roadmaster’s Roundtable and 9 Educational workshops. Register today, If you have not had the opportunity to attend the PennDOT Municipal Road Maintenance and Safety Symposium at the PSATS Educational Conference and Exhibit Show, this is your opportunity to experience the educational workshops without traveling to Hershey.

PennDOT's Traffic Safety & Operations Funding Programs - Virtual - 08/07/2020

This virtual workshop is designed to provide townships with up-to-date information on two PennDOT grant programs that improve traffic safety and operations: the Green Light-Go and the Automated Red Light Enforcement Funding Programs. 

PSATS Boot Camp for Township Officials

This three-day event was created just for you — newly elected (or veteran) supervisors, other newly elected officials, and new secretaries/managers. Learn the everyday tasks to running a municipality, explore the tools and resources available to help you do your job successfully, and experience real-life scenarios through discussion with experienced PSATS members.

PSATS Summer/Fall 2020 QuickBooks Series 7/30 - 12/17/2020

Register for all six events in the Quickbooks 2020 Series

Quickbooks - Budgets and QuickBooks 9/24/2020

Learn how to pull years of financial data from QuickBooks and send to Excel to more easily create your proposed township budget.

Quickbooks - Getting Ready for the Township Audit 11/19/2020

 In this session, we will discuss what to look for, how to ensure that your financial records are correct, and how to close down the book for the year.

Quickbooks - How to Use Customers and Classes for Grants and Reimburseables 8/27/2020

In this session, you will learn how to enter bills/checks/deposit using a “Customer” and QuickBooks’ invoicing system to track money owed.

Quickbooks - Using QuickBooks for Meeting and Year-End Reports 10/29/2020

What information should you be giving your township supervisors and auditors? What information can you provide through QuickBooks? In this session, learn how to customize and filter reports, export reports int Excel and format for Right-to-Know Law compliance.

Quickbooks - Year-End Employee Functions 12/17/2020

Learn how to print W-2s and 1099s and file all year-end taxes and reports with the Internal Revenue Service and state agencies.


QuickBooks Q&A 7/30/2020

Attend this open mic session and ask all of your questions about QuickBooks and the DCED Chart of Accounts and township audit.

Sexual Harassment: A New Reality for Employers - On-Demand Webinar

Unprecedented numbers of workplace harassment claims are making their way to the evening news and social medica outlets. Why now and what can public sector employers do to get ahead of the news? This session will focus on these questions and the central role your supervisors play in culture change and issue spotting.

Virtual Conference PassWhether you are missing not making the trip to Hershey for the PSATS 2020 Annual Educational Conference or have not yet had the opportunity to attend a PSATS Annual Educational Conference, PSATS has a great offer for you! Between June and August, PSATS will be hosting almost all of the 2020 conference workshops through its virtual classroom so that you can watch from the comfort of your home or office. Learn from experts from across the Commonwealth on an incredibly wide variety of township administration

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