Evacuation Planning - Moving People Out of Harms Way - On-Demand Webinar

A wide variety of natural disasters and human-caused emergencies may require the evacuation of residents. In some instances, you may have a few days prepare, while other situations might call for an immediate evacuation. Planning ahead is vital to ensuring that your residents can evacuate any potentially affected parts of your township both quickly and safely. Emergency management coordinators (EMCs) from all townships should participate in this webinar to learn how to pre-plan evacuation routes, and e

Getting New Emergency Management Coordinators Up-to-Speed - On-Demand Webinar

State law requires that every municipality have an emergency management coordinator (EMC). With the start of a new year, many municipalities may have new EMCs. This webinar will help new EMCs (and the municipalities that appointed them) learn what training and education classes these important community volunteers need to ensure they have the tools to be an effective EMC.

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