Webinar - 401-a and 457-b: The Perfect Retirement 'Match' - 10/05/17 (Members Only)

Is your municipality offering its employees the necessary building blocks for a secure future in retirement?  The Trustees Insurance Fund, through PSATS, is presenting a webinar which will provide an introduction to our new 401-a Defined Contribution retirement plan.

Webinar - 457(b) Deferred Compensation - 10/26/17

The Trustees Insurance Fund, through PSATS, is offering a webinar to provide an introduction to our 457 Plan and help your township officials determine if this is a valuable benefit to offer to the employees.  This benefit can be offered to both full-time and part-time employees for a nominal annual administrative fee.  

Webinar - Act 111 Negotiations and Interest Arbitration: Practical Strategies - 07/19/17

Whether your township has an Act 111 collective bargaining agreement expiring this year or you are just getting a head start on preparations for future negotiations, this webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn critical strategies for how to best position your township.

Webinar - Basic Municipal Emergency Management Operations - 02/01/17

This presentation will be especially helpful to new township supervisors, managers, and emergency management coordinators, and will address the main parts to your township emergency management program, including the emergency operations plan (EMP), the responsibilities of the emergency management coordinator (EMC), and the requirements pertaining to an emergency operations center (EMC). Attendees will also learn about mutual aid agreements and other tools and useful forms to aid development of your EMP

Webinar - Basic Municipal Planning - 02/08/17

 This presentation will be especially helpful to any new township supervisor, manager, or member of your planning commission, and will address the main components of local land use plans, including the official map, subdivision and land development ordinances, and zoning ordinances and zoning hearing board considerations.

Webinar - Being a Good Neighbor: Preparing for Mutual Aid During Emergencies - 3/1/17

When disasters like floods, tornadoes, and blizzards hit, they often impact more than your township. In these instances, your township will  often need to work with neighboring townships and boroughs both in responding and recovery. This webinar will help emergency management coordinators understand the state’s mutual aid law and how every township can participate.

Webinar - Best Practices for Right to Know Law and Sunshine Act ComplianceThis webinar will review municipalities' obligations under the Sunshine Act and Right-to-Know Law, discuss recent case law and trends, and provide best practices to help make municipal officials' jobs more efficient and cost effective.

Webinar - Budgeting for Road Maintenance Activities - 08/23/17

This webinar will help you understand how to budget for your road maintenance activities and learn the basics of how a road asset management system can help prepare better budgets.

Webinar - Building and Maintaining Strong Relationships with VFDs - 09/06/17

A critical component of elected and appointed municipal officials’ responsibilities to the public they serve is the provision and management of fire and EMS services.This course will help address that by focusing on ways to implement best practices for building positive, sustainable working relationships between municipal officials and ESOs. 

Webinar - Capital Asset Management: Easy and Effective Tracking of Township Assets - 07/26/17

Having trouble keeping track of your township’s capital assets, including stormwater infrastructure, sewers, other structures and more? This webinar will walk attendees through options available to make the process easier and more cost-effective. This is a must-attend anyone responsible for asset management. 

Webinar - Cutting Costs through Multi-Municipal Stormwater Management - 08/09/17

This presentation provides insight for how municipal personnel can implement strategies to yield cost savings that benefit their municipality's bottom line.

Webinar - Developing Your Comprehensive Plan - 3/08/17

This webinar will review techniques for creating a comprehensive plan and how to keep it current.

Webinar - Documenting Your Emergency Response Costs - 06/07/17

This webinar will help township supervisors, emergency management coordinators, and township road and public works employees involved in emergency response better understand the forms needed for documenting the costs sustained by your township during a disaster. Register today for this interactive webinar to get all your questions answered about how to implement an effective process to document your emergency response costs.

Webinar - Effective Drainage for Dirt and Gravel Roads - 10/25/17

This webinar will discuss the general concepts of how to effectively drain dirt and gravel roads so that the road itself is not structurally damaged using a variety of techniques such as proper crown and cross-slope, such as grade breaks, berm removal, and broad-based dips. If you have dirt and gravel roads, you will want to attend this webinar.

Webinar - Effectively Evaluating and Managing Employee Performance - 09/20/17

It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint – Effectively Evaluating and Managing Employee Performance...Just like a race, successfully managing employee performance requires preparation, including establishing the job duties and expectations in advance.  This program will focus on the critical steps, from beginning to end, that Townships must take to effectively manage and address employee performance. 

Webinar - Emergency Operations Plans: Is Your Township's Up-to-Date? - 08/02/17

This webinar will address how to review your EOP, determine if it is current, and how to resolve any deficiencies that were identified during the review.

Webinar - Employee handbooks: Crafting Policies for Townships of All Sizes - 11/15/17

Participants in this webinar will learn about the importance of creating and updating employee policy manuals, regardless of whether your municipality has dozens of employees or just a few. Among the policies to be discussed include those governing computer and social media use, establishing codes of conduct and disciplinary procedures, and prohibiting discrimination, harassment and retaliation. 

Webinar - First Amendment: Twp. Employees, Residents and Freedom of Speech-08/30/17

This webinar, (which is FREE to PSATS members), will provide participants with a firm foundation for how to protect their rights, as well as those of the public and their employees, while also leaving them with practical tips to limit legal exposure to their municipality.

Webinar - Get in the Zone: The Duties of a Zoning Officer - 05/10/17

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) requires that every zoning officer demonstrates a working knowledge of municipal zoning and meets qualifications established by the municipality. This webinar will help municipalities understand what to look for when hiring a new zoning officer and discuss best practices for administering your zoning ordinance. 

Webinar - How to Make an Effective Township Website - 10/18/17

A good-looking website is also easier to use for your residents, and is also your business “sign” that gives your visitors their first impression of your community. Because of the pride you have in your township, you want that first impression to be a good one. This webinar will help guide you through the process of developing an effective website.

Webinar - How to Succeed at Developing Zoning Ordinances - 10/11/17

This webinar will address how your township can develop a good zoning ordinance, whether you are starting from scratch or want to modify an existing ordinance.

Webinar - Inspecting Stormwater Control Structures - 3/22/17

This webinar will discuss these standard construction, operation, and maintenance practices that will be suitable for evaluating the conditions of your stormwater structures.

Webinar - It's Almost Budget Season . . . Are You Prepared? - 08/16/17

A budget is more than a spreadsheet… it’s the story of your community.  Does your Township’s budget tell a story, or is it just a bunch of numbers?  Learn how to create a budget that both provides great information and is easily understood by your residents. 

Webinar - Managing Municipal Employees in a 24/7 World - 4/19/17

In this webinar, participants will learn about policies and best practices to address use of personal electronic devices while on the township clock, use of social media and its potential impact on freedom of speech and collective bargaining, working from outside the office while off-the-clock, and much more.

Webinar - Managing Your Unemployment Compensation Claims - 11/2/17

The PSATS Unemployment Compensation Group Trust has been assisting townships with the management of their unemployment compensation obligations since 1981.  To keep you updated on the claim process, the Trust is offering an hour-long webinar to help lower your costs.  

Webinar - Meeting Management for Planning Commissions and Zoning Hearing Boards - 4/12/17

Learning how to develop effective meeting agendas which take into consideration the needed elements of each meeting while accommodating public input and questions is important to keep meetings from running too long.This webinar will address tips and tricks for better managing your meetings.

Webinar - Overwhelmed by Clutter? Minimize with the Municipal Records Act - 02/15/17

Feeling overwhelmed by boxes of old records? Filing drawers bulging and running out of space? Find out how to use the Pennsylvania State Historical and Museum Commission's Municipal Records Manual to do some spring cleaning! Learn what records to purge and how, while protecting valuable, permanent and long-term records.

Webinar - Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Act: Is Your Township Prepared? - 02/14/17

More and more municipalities throughout the Commonwealth are grappling with the impact of Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act as growers/processors and dispensaries are evaluating potential sites for their operations. This 1-hour webinar will focus on what municipalities can and cannot do when imposing zoning restrictions on these operations. 

Webinar - Police Discipline Essentials - 07/05/17

Join experienced labor counsel and former assistant district attorney Patrick Harvey for a discussion of how to investigate and appropriately discipline police misconduct. Learn how to make discipline stick if challenged at arbitration, how to deal with off duty misconduct and criminal charges, and much more. 

Webinar - Preparing for Winter Maintenance Operations - 09/27/17

You owe it to your municipality to participate in this webinar in which we will discuss ideas and proven techniques to help you prepare for and deal with winter weather events. Not only will we discuss having a written winter maintenance plan, we will touch on anti-icing, pre-wetting and snow plowing techniques for your paved roadways.

Webinar - Preparing Your Emergency Response Team - 10/04/17

 This dynamic presentation will help you understand the “who” and the “why” for building an emergency management team that will be able to provide even more effective emergency management service to their township.

Webinar - Procurement 101: Bid Limits, Prevailing Wage & More - 3/17/17 (rescheduled)

This webinar will cover the basics of the procurement process, including determining when bids and quotes must be obtained, complying with the prevailing wage, determining the lowest responsible bidder, drafting specifications and avoiding pitfalls that result in bid contests, an insufficient number of quality bids, and more. 

Webinar - Protecting Your Township from Cyber Crime and Theft - 06/21/17

Municipalities throughout the United States are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. In this webinar, you will learn about the types of risks that townships face in their battle to protect their data, as well as that of their employees and residents, how to respond in the event of a data breach or lawsuits that arise from breaches, cyber insurance policies, and best practices you can implement to lessen your township’s exposure. 

Webinar - Public Information During Emergencies - 4/5/17

 One of the most important things your residents need during an emergency is reliable information. This webinar will review the types of information to be provided and the methods for getting that information out to the public.

Webinar - Public Works 411: Keeping Your Community Informed - 05/24/17

Nobody likes traffic congestion, especially when they don’t know about it. this webinar will provide insight into how to inform local drivers of your township’s planned road maintenance activities so the traveling public will know what roads not to take and how they can get around any potential traffic congestion.

Webinar - Putting the Zeal in Zoning: How to be an Effective ZHB Member - 06/14/17

What is a zoning hearing board? How do you become appointed to the board? What role does the board play in zoning decisions? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered during this introductory course to serving on a zoning hearing board. Individuals who would like more information about municipal zoning hearing boards or newly appointed board members are encouraged to attend this webinar. 

Webinar - Road Crew Safety Principles - 11/22/17

Every three days in the US, a worker is hit and killed by one of their own pieces of equipment. This one hour webinar will review road crew safety principles from three perspectives. the first is proper work zone set-ups, the second is safe driving techniques, and the third is worksite/yard activities. For each area, we will discuss proper safety apparel, rules/guidelines to follow, and safe practices. Additional information is available through LTAP classes on Work Zones, Safe Driving, and Equipment/W

Webinar - Safety Dance: Road Crew Training Protocols - 06/28/17

Whether they are working in the blistering heat, freezing cold, or during dangerous weather such as tornadoes and lightning storms, your road crews face special challenges as they try to keep safe from the elements. This webinar will review the safety practices and training protocols your township should have in place to teach your employees how to be safe in all weather conditions.

Webinar - Say What?...The First Amendment and Townships - 08/30/17

This webinar, (which is FREE to PSATS members), will provide participants with a firm foundation for how to protect their rights, as well as those of the public and their employees, while also leaving them with practical tips to limit legal exposure to their municipality.

Webinar - Speed Management for Local Roads - 4/26/17

One of the most common traffic complaints in a community is of speeding on local neighborhood streets, or on the streets through sensitive areas (e.g., schools, parks, downtowns).  “That car was going at least 50 mph” is a common refrain heard by local officials.  But how do you address this complaint?  This webinar will discuss Speed Management, and how local communities can address speeding issues on local streets.

Webinar - Stormwater Controls for Municipal Garages - 02/22/17

This webinar has reached its maximum number of allowed viewers. It is being recorded and will be available to view through our Archived Webinars. (Please allow 24 hours for the archived webinar to be available.)


Webinar - Stormwater Controls for Municipal Garages - 2/22/17

Please note this webinar is being held from 1:30 p.m.to 2:30 p.m., due to maximum capacity having been reached for the noon webinar.

This webinar will provide a general overview of the actions that townships and other municipalities should take to prevent stormwater runoff from generating pollutional discharges from their municipal garages. 

Webinar - Subdivision PRDs and TNDs: What’s the Difference - 11/8/17

Townships have the option to include planned residential developments (PRDs) and traditional neighborhood developments (TNDs) as part of their zoning ordinance. This webinar will review the differences between the two and discuss how they each can be used in your township.

Webinar - The Changing Regulatory Landscape for Outdoor Advertising Signs and Devices - 09/07/17

Trying to figure out how to address all of the various outdoor signs popping up in your municipality, including electronic signs, billboards, and political signs? In this webinar, you will learn about all of the options available, best practices to help your municipality avoid costly litigation, and what other municipalities have been doing to regulate signs in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s landmark sign decision in Reed v. Town of Gilbert.

Webinar - The Ins and Outs of Legal Advertising - 05/17/17

Struggling to keep up with all of your township’s advertising requirements? Then this webinar is for you! This webinar will cover all aspects of legal advertising for townships for a wide variety of common township-related issues, including public meetings, general ordinances, zoning ordinances, and hearings.

Webinar - The Ultimate Guide to Web-based Emergency Operations Plans - 11/1/17

This webinar will demonstrate how townships can use free Comprehensive Emergency Management Planner software (CEM Planner) system to not only keep their EOPs up-to-date, but more importantly always make them readily available to their emergency management team during an emergency.

Webinar - What's the Plan? Emergency Management Preparedness - 05/03/17

All municipalities are required by state law to prepare, maintain, and keep current their emergency management plan (EMP) for the prevention and minimization of injury and damage caused by disasters and to provide prompt and effective response to disaster and disaster emergency relief and recovery. This webinar will discuss various options on how your township can plan and prepare for you to exercise your emergency response capabilities.


Webinar - Zoning Ordinances for the 21st Century - 09/13/17

Antiquated zoning ordinances can create many headaches for municipalities as new, unanticipated uses pop up throughout communities. After this webinar, participants will be ready to make the changes necessary to modernize their ordinances and account for these types of uses.

Webinar-The New Overtime Pay Rules and Their Impact on Your Township, Budget and Employees - 9/20/16

This webinar is a must-attend for any townships that have not yet prepared for the impact that the Department of Labor's new overtime pay rules will have on their budgets and employees. Learn about the new rules, how your budgets will be impacted, and what your township can do now to put itself in the best position when the rules take effect on December 1, 2016. Township supervisors, managers, secretaries, solicitors and other employees with HR or supervisory responsibility should attend. 

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