20 Ways to Improve Your Public Meetings - Virtual - 6/22/20

In this workshop, learn best practices to make your public meetings more productive. From publishing agendas on your websites to establishing ground rules for the conduct of the meeting to creating checklists for ordinance hearings held within previously-advertised public meetings to controlling the length and number of comments while still maintaining good participation and focus, you will get all sorts of practical tips for better meeting management.

Bridging Your Infrastructure Challenges - Virtual - 6/8/20

From evaluating the condition of existing storm sewer systems and inspecting and maintaining short-span bridges to addressing aging roads and outdated pump stations, municipal infrastructure strains budgets and staff alike. This session will focus on processes and funding that address common challenges. The presenters will also examine elements of infrastructure management, including inventory and planning programs for bridges, road maintenance, and utility coordination.

Crisis Management: Communicating in the (New) Real World - Virtual - 7/2/20

Attend this workshop to learn communications best practices and top tips for planning for a crisis. The presenters will provide key insights and essential steps for developing a crisis communications plan that includes effective messaging with partners in various scenarios. You will also have an opportunity to have a Q&A with communications professionals who have managed national and local crisis situations for small and large clients.

Employee Discipline: A Toolkit for Township Supervisors - Virtual - 6/11/20

Attend this session to learn the rules of the road for public employee discipline and get practical advice on how to document and handle the disciplinary process.

Environmental Potpourri - A Regulatory Primer - Virtual - 6/25/20

This primer on municipal environmental requirements will highlight recent regulatory and judicial developments in such areas as MS4 and stormwater management, Pennsylvania's Environmental Rights Amendment, clean water and Chesapeake Bay requirements, and waste management. Attendees will get practical advice on how to work with regulatory agencies and avoid compliance issues.

E-Scooters, Mopeds, and E-Bikes: Micromobility Rising - Virtual - 07/10/2020

This session will give you an overview of the micromobility tools that are growing in popularity (electric scooters, mopeds, electric bicycles, and hoverboards). 

Five Cardiac Township Events and the CPR to Address Them - Virtual - 7/8/20

The life of a township official and administrator has its highs and lows. Certain events, however, will stop your heart. The presenter will cover several of those, including the loss of an employee, failure to file a critical form, a cyber attack, a natural disaster, and a EPA fine or administrative order. While it's impossible to anticipate every heart-stopping event, there are systems and processes that officials can implement to mitigate the impact. Those solutions will be analyzed and discussed

Flexible Zoning, Subdivision & Land Development Solutions - Virtual - 6/25/20

Developable land is disappearing. Meanwhile, infrastructure and buildings are aging to the point where they are inconsistent with the needs of today’s residents. The world is changing quickly, and it seems land use ordinances cannot be updated fast enough. As a result, it is necessary to employ zoning, subdivision, and land development strategies that are flexible, creative, and (at least for now) cutting edge. This workshop explains many of those strategies and how townships are employing them t

Funding Municipal Stormwater Management in PA - Virtual - 6/18/20

This session will explore the emergence of stormwater fees and how they are determined. Lessons and successes will be discussed as participants work through exercises that will help them develop fee programs. The presenters will also provide strategies to build constituent support.

How to Build - and Rebuild - Public Trust in Government - Virtual - 6/17/20

During this session, the presenter will discuss the continuing decline of public trust in government and provide valuable strategies to help public officials build and rebuild that trust with their citizens.

Land Use & Zoning Law Update - Virtual - 7/2/20

The workshop will provide a summary of current land use law in Pennsylvania and recent court decisions. The presenters will discuss the impacts on municipalities and planners and conduct a question-and-answer session.

Local Economies and Quality of Life in the Age of E-Tail - Virtual - 7/9/20

The popularity of online shopping is leading to retail closures and warehouse development. This new economy will have winners and losers, and it will transform the landscape of how communities look and function. Attend this session to learn how your community can adjust its land use policies and build infrastructure to sustain existing businesses, promote economic development, and maintain quality of life.

Making Your Community Safer for Pedestrians - Virtual - 06/12/2020

Attend this virtual workshop to learn about a variety of infrastructure countermeasures that have been effective in keeping pedestrians safer.

Municipal eNewsletters: Communicating with Your Audience - Virtual - 6/8/20

Designed to provide townships with up-to-date information on digital newsletters, this workshop will cover a range of topics, including why townships should use "e-newsletters" to communicate with residents, how to create a newsletter that residents will read, topics that interest residents and visitors, and tips and tricks to boost your email subscription list.

PennDOT's Traffic Safety & Operations Funding Programs - Virtual - 08/07/2020

This virtual workshop is designed to provide townships with up-to-date information on two PennDOT grant programs that improve traffic safety and operations: the Green Light-Go and the Automated Red Light Enforcement Funding Programs. 

Roadmaster Roundtable - Virtual - 06/05/2020

During this perennial conference favorite, roadmasters, road crew members, and township officials will get a chance to question our panel of experts about everything related to roads.

Save Time and Money when Purchasing with COSTARS - Virtual - 6/4/20

Learn how the COSTARS Program works and how to save valuable time and money on virtually everything you purchase! The workshop will cover a background of the program and will demonstrate how to search COSTARS contracts and negotiate with suppliers to get the best value.

Stormwater Compliance: What Your Municipality Needs to Know - Virtual - 6/29/20

The workshop will cover a range of stormwater management topics, including MS4 permit requirements, case law that could impact your township's stormwater obligations, and the creation of stormwater authorities. The presenter will also thoroughly explore unique issues, including compliance with total maximum daily load (TMDL) and other Chesapeake Bay-related requirements.

Traffic and Parking: A Discussion with Traffic Engineers - Virtual - 6/22/20

Townships are continually changing. They grow, and rural areas become congested with traffic from a new development or uses. They contract, and a once-filled, massive parking lot now is nearly empty. In either case, how we plan for traffic and parking is important. During this moderated discussion between traffic engineers representing two sides of the table, municipalities and developers, attendees will gain insight into how traffic planning occurs and what it all means.

Using Checklists to Work Smarter - Virtual - 6/18/20

Have you ever wished someone would hand you checklists to make your administrative life easier? This workshop is the answer to your prayers. Attendees will receive several sample checklists for such tasks as taking minutes, developing and implementing budgets, adopting ordinances and resolutions, following the Sunshine Law, reviewing land development applications, and other topics. You can use these checklists to assess and improve your own administrative procedures.

Vendor Oversight: Controls All Townships Must Implement - Virtual - 6/11/20

Does your procurement process ensure only qualified vendors are hired? Will your vendors safely and securely handle the confidential data and information you provide them? Are you sure you're not giving favorable treatment to vendors who have relationships with township employees? Are you sure you haven't hired a fictitious vendor intent on committing fraud? This session will answer these questions and more to ensure your township has adequate vendor oversight.

When to Call Your Solicitor: 5 Volunteer Fire Company Issues - Virtual - 6/24/20

This session brings together a panel of solicitors, who will discuss five real-life legal issues with volunteer fire companies. The discussion will touch on the Right-to-Know Law, potential employment concerns, authorizing fire protection service, conflicts and ethics issues, and litigation.

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