Preparing Your Emergency Response Team - On-Demand Webinar


When disasters strike, there are lots of jobs that need to be accomplished in a short amount of time and to a high degree of accuracy. Whether it is the township’s emergency management coordinator (EMC) working the phones to find additional needed supplies or the Public Information Office (PIO) meeting with the press to provide important and factual information for your residents or the road crew placing “road closed” signs to keep the traveling public safe, no one person can do it all. The presenter is well-versed in the need for the township to create a multi-member emergency management team, as he has been a fire chief and a PIO and an EMC in addition to his full-time job as a college teacher. This dynamic presentation will help you understand the “who” and the “why” for building an emergency management team that will be able to provide even more effective emergency management service to their township.

** Eligible for 1 Secondary Credit for PSATS Municipal Government Academy (PMGA) enrollees

Registration Fee:

    Member* -  $30.00
    Non-Member –  $40.00

               *PSATS Member = Registrant has paid current annual membership dues to PSATS or one of its professional associations (e.g., Township Emergency Management Association, Township Engineers Association, Township Planners Association, Township Solicitors Association, or the Pa. Assoc. of Zoning Officials).