On-Demand Webinar - SNAP, GOOGLE, TWEET, The Constant Noise of Social Media


The constant noise of social media presents many issues, challenges and opportunities for all employers. In this webinar (FREE to PSATS members), join Cory Lannacone and John Martin of Pillar+Aught and learn about how your township can best address employee use of social media on township and personal time, ways in which townships can protect themselves when using social media to communicate with their residents, and much more. 

Eligible for 1 PMGA Secondary Credit

Registration Fee:

    Member* -  $30.00
    Non-Member –  $40.00

               *PSATS Member = Registrant has paid current annual membership dues to PSATS or one of its professional associations (e.g., Township Emergency Management Association, Township Engineers Association, Township Planners Association, Township Solicitors Association, or the Pa. Assoc. of Zoning Officials).